Forgiveness road to Personal Comebacks

jwm-broken-no-more-book-2-1Part of this is taken from Chapter 5 Personal Comebacks of my book. To get the victory to start the bridge to healing and move forward, I had to forgive. Forgiveness brings closure and forgiveness is a choice. Have you ever met those people that seem to rehash the past forever? The ones who seem to live in their memories more than in the present? The ones that can’t seem to get past some issue, some hang-up, some roadblock in their past? It is as if they are still chained to something years ago. You just read it. When we can’t forget the past we are chained up and not free. Find out how to forgive and move forward. Order your copy today.

Broken No More Book Release


About watersjeanie

Co-Pastor or Resurrection Power Ministries, Evangelist and Conference Speaker. I have been through many adverse tragedies and I have overcome, I want to help other people turn their tragedies into triumph.
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